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Friday, February 29, 2008

Training was FABULOUS today!

Ahlim split the team into two boats.

There was uhm, ZhenWei, JohnZai, JunRui, LycheeNeh, Lexson, Shawn, Me, gf Farh, Ignasia, Bernie (according to sitting positions and in left, right, left, right sequence) with Dear as our drummer and Alvin as our coxswain.(correct me if there's missing names.)

We rowed out to the No Signboard Seafood building and back to the Nicoll Highway(I think) bridge.

After much shuffling around then the above sitting positions changed to ZhenWei, LycheeNeh, Me, JohnZai, JunRui, Shawn, Lexson, gf Farh, Ignasia and Bernie in left, right, left, right sequence.

AhLim told us to divide us into two groups with the stronger group rowing 100 strokes first.

I did alright I guess.

And caught up with ZhenWei and LycheeNeh's timing and it was good.

Thinking back when I first came in last year.

Farh gf was attending to some np stuff and there's only me, Wifey and dama who rowed with the guys.

I kept stopping at that time and now, rowing with the guys is not really a problem thanks to the land trainings that we had back in dover.

I'm just glad that I'm not dead from it yet.

Oh and I found some really pretty seashells at a beach somewhere near kssc while the juniors went into the water/sea for some land rowing.

Random, I know.


Anyway, going out with dear tomorrow.

Not yet confirmed.

Will be deciding where to go.

Might just hang out at his place.


Anyway, I'm really tired.

I'm writing this post like a zombie doing typing work.


11:00 PM

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guys Like That You're Sensitive

And not in that "cry at a drop of a hat" sort of way

You just get most guys - even if you're not trying to

Guys find it is easy to confide in you and tell you their secrets

No wonder you tend to get close quickly in relationships!

Thanks to Joy wifey for the link to this(:

11:08 PM

Sunday, February 24, 2008

After surfing around the net, I found Magnum Force's new blog.

And after looking through the previous posts especially this one, I realised that my love for cheerleading hasn't worn off yet.

I feel like going back to doing cheerleading but, I have school, cwdb, kiyah splashh, work and family, how am I gonna find time for it?

Quit Dragon-boating?

I can't.

My love of dragon-boating is there too.

But I do miss cheering badly.

I miss doing full extensions, liberty, chair, shoulder stands etcetc.

And my goals to master the full liberty, basket toss, 1-1-1 and pyramids ain't wearing off just yet.

I miss cheering with Sarah, Bettie, Audrey, and the rest of Euphoria really really badly. ))):

I need a dose of cheerleading pronto!

Any cheer squads recruiting?

I really really miss the times I cheered in church.

Especially having Jesse, Julian, KangWei, GuangHui(aka Jacob) and another girl(that I forgot her name)there to coach us.

I miss being mid tier with Bettie and Sarah!

*cries silently*


Even if I go back to cheering, my mum will kill me.


Dyed my hair into dark brown.

It looks more like black instead.

kay gotta go.


8:50 PM

Friday, February 22, 2008

Training was awesome!

Just the girls went rowing first as warm up.

Then Lexen(or whatever name he is called), WeiChen and JunRui joined us because the other boat was occupied with the guys and MrLim was with them.

Was pacer again with Joy wifey and this time, I didn't stop so did Farhana. Joy wifey always never stop. (X

Think it's the 2.4km run almost everyday bah.

Dear was our 'drummer'/coach and JiaCong was our coxswain.

It really feels very good being encouraged when you really cannot tahan already.

Then quite a number of times people at the back switched places.

And guess what?

I was the lucky one that stayed in front.

Thank god that I was always in front.

If not KayKay would suffer lots of chipping all over.


Then there's one part near the bridge beside Indoor Stadium, there's algae floating almost everywhere.

It looks so gross that my hair on my arm stood on it's end.

Then on some random thought at that time, I started talking to KayKay and told him that I was sorry to sacrifice him like that.

I myself think that I'm weird.


Somewhere in the middle of rowing, dear told us to stop and he switched places with wifey.

And he paced with me(:

Was kinda fun.

First time man.

I just love rowing lah.


I'm really in love with db sia.

I just dunno why.

Even though I'll be tired out at the end of the day, I still love it.

Love it as if I'm married it already.


So, after training was dinner and after that, and dear and I took a train with John, Ignasia, Sandra and some of the guys and dropped off at Bugis.

Accompanied dear to go get his Adidas shades.

It looks omfg preety lah.

And he looks soo nice with it.

But the price was S$230 after a 10% discount.


Anyway, I've said I'll try to make my blog a 'healthy' one so here goes nothing!

Vitamins is an essential link to regulate metabolism reactions that facilitate the releasing of energy from food molecules and to control tissue synthesis.

Vitamins are used for growth and functioning of our immune, hormonal and nervous system.

Vitamins does not contain fats.

Our body can only synthesize Vitamin D.

Vitamins must be consumed on a daily basis.

Vitamins can be found in green leafs, root of vegetables, grains, seeds, fruits, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

Vitamins are categorized in two groups: Fat Soluble and Water Soluble.

Fat Soluble
Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K

Water Soluble
Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6(is important to pregnant women)
Vitamin B12 (is important to pregnant women)
Folacin (Folic Acid)
Panthetonic Acid

Minerals have unique and essential role within the body.

Minerals are essential for the formation of the bones and teeth, maintenance of normal heart rhythm, muscular contractility, neutral conductivity, acid-base balance and regulating of celluar metabolism.

Minerals is also categorized in two different groups: Minor and Major.



Water provides a medium for the deffusion of gasses.

Water transports nutrients, gasses and waste products wherever necessary.

Water stabilizes heat fluctuations.

Water lubricates joints.

Wat gives our body it's form as water is not compressible.

We need to take in at least 2 to 2.5 litres of water daily.

We lose water in out body by peeing, shitting, sweating and expiring of breath.

60% of our body weight goes to water.

The lesser the water a food contains, the more energy dense it is.

Okay I've gotta go and scan in my dad's bills and send it to him.


10:31 PM

Thursday, February 21, 2008



see it for yourself!


Like finally, David has beaten Goliath!

I'm soo proud of Singapore.

Although we are small, but we can do great things throughout the world!

Okay I shall rant more about it later.

Shall go bathe now(:

10:38 PM

Guess what?

I'm at home on a school day.

But need to go off soon to meet up with Farh, Lech and Shawn, get pe tee from Lech and head down to Dover to find the rest.

And at round 3.55-4pm, we'll head down to CityHall grab our dinner and take a walk to Padang where we'll be knowing the result of the voting for the Youth Olympic Games 2010.

Soo excited lah.

Wanted to only skip PE and go for afternoon class but, it's my lucky day.

Afternoon class is also canceled.


At least now I have enough rest.


Think most of the db people will be going to take a nap while waiting.


Okay.Off to do the claim form thing for Mr Lim


12:04 PM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been really busy with school and db trainings.

I really think I'll be over training myself.

Imagine, running 2.4km/fartlag training almost every evening at 5+pm as warm up.

Just that can already make too fatigue for training.


Did I mention that the Head Of Department of PE in Dover ITE picked CWDB as 'ambassadors' of ITE for the announcement of Youth Olympic Games 2010.


It an impromptu thing one lah.

Knew it just that day before yesterday.


But thank god that the response was really good.

The maximum amount of people that should go is 30 and then guess what?

25 cwdbers are going! (X

And we are soo gonna have lotsa fun tomorrow! ((:


I wonder why guys are not sensitive to what girls are feeling, especially their girlfriends.

I'm like a victim of a workaholic boyfriend that works out in a gym and don't care when his body tells him to stop.

I feel that this kind of person is insane.

As a FT student, I tried to stop him but he kept saying, " aiyah, bo bian one ma. Coach expect all of us to do/my partner do finish so I must also do finish."

I seriously cannot interfere or apply whatever things that I've learnt in class on this kind of person.

Like seriously, I know you're a guy but can't you just listen to a professional-to-be advice just for once?

It's not because I'm naggy or what. It's my way of caring for you.

If you don't care what I say, then do whatever you want to do.


Don't you come to me and complain about muscle pain or ask me to help you massage.

I told you to stop when you really can't.

But what did you do?

Do even more and never listen to your body.


-End of side note-

I feel really bummed.

My boyfriend doesn't take my advice even though I'm learning whatever MrLim said.


MrLim's claim form I haven't really start on it yet, msKoh's phase test on vitamins, minerals and water is killing me and had a really long break from mrMuthiah's FDP project then having db 6 times a week.


It's really late.

Off to bed I go.

More tomorrow.


11:27 PM

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Went for Sea Hawk's training this morning.

Was more of endurance than strokes.

But it was really really good.

The people there aren't as friendly as Kiyah-Splashh!'s.

And they don't look as strong as they were during River Regatta 2007.

But over all it rocks lah.

It felt that only dear, Andy, AhYew, Lech, Alvin, me, Farh, Haini, KaiXin, Angelin and TingTing are rowing alone with some 40+, 50 year old coach.

But alright lah.

At least I know how to put my leg up with my left leg instead of my right leg(which is waaayyy easier to row btw) and also how to twist my trunk and row.

And yes, I find it good to be in Sea Hawk.

That's why I'M STAYING!


Oh ya, they don't have a girls' team.
(Or maybe it's just that girls didn't come?)

And I finally had kallang's tauhuey.


Anyway, I gotta go have dinner.


5:51 PM

Saturday, February 16, 2008


So little time, so much to accomplish.

School projects, db trainings, new year and v.day.

That's the reason why I didn't update.
Ps: very long entry. don't read if you're just passing by

Anyway, I'll start with sunday.

Joy invited cwdb people over to her place for New Year one week earlier.

There me, Farh, Ting Ting, Haini, John, Pk, Dear, Shawn, Lech, Alvin, Gabriel and Zhen Wei.

The guys crapped around while the girls watched some re-run series on tv.
(seriously, why does MediaCorp always play re-runs during new year?)

After that, Dear left us for work and we left Joy's place to Marina Square.

After having dinner at Cavana(do not ever eat there. the food portion don't worth your money), we walked over to Esplanade and went up to the rooftop garden.

Slacked around and most of us camwhored alot.

Then back we go to Marina Square to watch Kung Fu Dunk.

Partial CWDB.

ME! (good hair and make-up day! me love!)

Joy and I

Gf; Farh, me and Wifey; Joy.

Lech and I

Joy Wifey!

How can we not forget some 'artistic' photos?

And another one.

Off to watch Kung Fu Dunk.

13 Feb 08

Was supposed to get my ass to school but then, I decided that I was too tired to go.

So, I skipped school and I made v.day presents!

But took some breaks in between to do coaching/FPD project.

Oh and daddy bought a heart shaped Soursop and two boxes of Ferreo Rocher as v.day present for mummy!

Sweet or what?

Whilst making the stuff.


The small ones are for everyone.

Ain't it amazing?


I started v.day by going to the Science Centre for class.

Shitty or what?

After that went to Jurong East Entertainment Center for lunch with Farh, Jiamie, Shawn and JingTing.

Then the rest left and Farh and I went to IMM to walk around but ended up in the rooftop playground.

Guess what?

We went to giant check out FBT jerseys and shorts and while entering the hypermart, the manager(I think.) handed us a rose each.

My natural instinct kicked in.

Thinking in my heart that this guy is trying to sell flowers coz it's v.day and ignored him.

But as farh and I walked in, he said in a loud voice and continued to push a rose to me, and I went 'huh?' and he said 'don't you like flowers?' then I realise that the rose is free.

My God.

I was actually surprised and paiseh at the same time lah.

after a while at the playground, we went to this halal banquet cos farh was hungry.

Then there's this little boy with his tiny cars.

He started to play with farh and I after I picked up one that dropped on the floor.

Then after IMM we rode a bus to Dover.

Handed out the clay hearts to the guys and Ah Yew, the one that always acts dumb, bite the clay heart when I said it isn't edible.


Everyone just ROTFL.

Like wtf lahh.

Wha lau.

Then after training, Lou Hei at the usual coffeeshop.

The Little Boy



Lou Hei




Happily Eating

Long lost brothers? You decide.

15 Feb 08
Went to school for presentation but postponed it to monday coz I wasn't ready.

Shawn and I went off early and met Lech in canteen and we left for sea training.

It was the first time KayKay had his first sip of sea water.


Who or what is KayKay?

It's my beloved paddle of course!

Here's a picture of him:

Then after training had dinner with Joy, Farh, Haini and Bernie then headed to town to get my havaianas then to Lucky Plaza to find Jackson, AngDa, Jasper and FengRu.

Then trained home.

Finally gotten my Havaianas.

Have wanted it looooonnngggg time ago.

But they don't have shade of colour I wanted.

That's why I ended up getting it in baby blue.

It's been a long time.

Boaties! I MISSED YOU!

We hogged 4 tables. (wth!)


Mine and Wifey's

Paddle rack or Cue rack? lolx.

Okay, to this is the end of a very long post.

Hope you like it!


5:31 PM

Friday, February 8, 2008

New Year have been getting more boring as years passes by.

I just don't know why.

Maybe it's because I don't know how to gamble?

Or is it maybe because I'm getting older and feel weird as my cousins are also getting older and have nothing much to talk about with each other?

I seriously need mahjong kahkis man.

People like Lech, John and the rest whom I've played mahjong during db chalet in January.

Because I'm a noob at mahjong and don't know how to play it with money either.

Are there people out there who are willing to teach me how to play mahjong with money (honestly, that is.)?

If not, I seriously dunno how to survive during the New Year period each year.


Anyway, Have been pigging out at my home's living room since morning.


It all started when mum told us to help ourselves(me and my two sisters) to the food that is on the coffeetable for breakfast.

And I woke up around 1pm.

So I started off with Bak Kwah, then Hello Panda, then the Bachiku chips then Lunch.

Lunch was homemade Bak Kut Teh with rice.

Awhile after that, I started feasting on Bachiku chips, Hello Panda and Crispy Cuttlefish all down with Just Tea(peach) Pokka Green Tea and ice cubes.

Yes people, I have the habit to chomp on ice cubes.


After reading my cousin's blog makes me feel like going overseas to study.

But I seriously don't know.

Because I've checked before, most of the collages/universities in Hong Kong or states in Australia doesn't have Diploma In Sports Science or any courses that are related to it.


When I'm really into something, there's bound to have something to block me from it.


Okay I've gotta go play some online games.


8:22 PM

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Okay, New Year official day is tomorrow, so what?

I'll be too lazytired to update tomorrow.

And the excitement of my new paddle hasn't gone down yet.

I wanted to hug it to sleep last night but it was either too stiff or too long to bring it to bed so I decided not to instead.

Like what Fei and JiaLi did -name their beloved stuff-,I shall name my paddle KayKay (Joy wifey and Farh gf should know what it means). X)

Just ate reunion dinner.

It's been like sooo long since I last ate dinner together with my family.

Since I always eat together with the guys after training.

And on a very random thought, I miss my dearie very much.

I dunno why I'd suddenly miss him sooo much. );


Training sucked yesterday.

Was feeling tired and had hamstring pull.

Didn't really do much.

Initially did five sets of ten strokes coz I thought the girls were tired out.

Was reprimanded by mrLim.

Then the girls did another five sets of two minutes.

Critics out there be happy.

I don't feel right after that incident.

I don't feel that I'm a good leader or anything.

I feel that I've really screwed up.

After getting KayKay, one question kept popping into my mind.

Am I worthy to use KayKay?

And the vision of me becoming the next Dama really scares me.

I hate people thinking that I like taking advantage of people that trust me.

I seriously am scared.


I don't know.


7:17 PM

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm like sooo angry lahh.

Stupid Taiwanese people.

You dare you come Singapore find me and I'll speak proper English to you.

Don't think that we Singaporeans speaking Singlish is a big nono.

But in fact, it is YOU ,Taiwanese people, don't know how to speak Singlish and laugh at us.

Imagine, we saying 'thanks' is alright. But you guys said it with a Taiwanese accent that made it sounded as if it is 'dance'.

How in the world can 'thanks' sound like 'dance'?


Okay enough of stupid people doing stupid stuff.


Was supposed to collect our(Akma, Haini, Farh gf and I) paddles on monday, but Coach HaoYuan forgotten the date and passed it to us today instead.

Pk was kind enough to help us collect our paddle sticker and paddles from Joy wifey and Coach HaoYuan respectively. THANKS ALOT PK!

I'll post up photos of my preettyy white paddle with it's preety 'tattoo' sometime within this week or next week.

And not mention, dear was soo sweet to help me pay for my paddle and insisted that I don't need to pay him back.

But I'll just return him lah. Because I feel guilty mah. He spent soo much on me already then ask him pay willingly abit too much ar.


Oh and not to forget, for the record, I dropped my phone into the toilet bowl of my parents' bedroom and it miraculously survived.

Phony nearly drowned but I managed to revive it by doing CPRusing a hairdryer.

It nearly died but I quickly took out everything and used mum's way of making it dry, blow dry it with a hair dryer.

And it worked!

The screen still had flufogged up this morning but now it's fully recovered!


And no, the toilet doesn't have pee or shit inside.


Anyway, I gotta go sleep.

Too tired.

More tomorrow.


11:38 PM

Friday, February 1, 2008

Guess what?

Joy wifey and I are victims of bastards raiding our tagboards with negative tags.

What I think of them are just ball-less bastards who don't dare to leave their real names.


Now I know the feeling of Wendy aka XiaXue.

Yes, I'm scared of being a vice-captain coz I'm scared of screwing up everything that Joy wifey had built up.

But I'm quite ready for critics to come.

Because I know that always there'll be people protesting in this kind of minor political stuff.

The main reason they said those stuff because they are just jealous about what we have.

Actually, it'll just boost my morale that people can get jealous because of me getting the vice-captain position.

If you want me not to get the vice-captain position, give me 10 reasons why not?

Okay, let's not talk about the bad stuff already.

On a happier note, I'm gonna get my paddle(against my coach's orders) on monday!

And Sunday with Kiyah Splashh! is on!

But there isn't sea training next week coz of new year. (okay lah. at least got red packets to collect. x))

And dear doubt there'll be hell training six times a week after new year.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Speaking about hell training,

Yesterday's hell training was alright I guess.

Did one round sprinting, one round slow jog and chin-ups, five sets.

Cardio, five sets of 1min.

200 push-ups, hang-on-the-bar for the freshies then into the gym for 150 push-ups and an extra 50 for those who can do it.

Initially I was very tired but at the end of everything, I was like super energetic.

Oh ya, I said before that I wanted to post a 'healthy post' right?

Here goes.

Excessive Protein will lead you to Diabetes, Kidney Failure and Kidney Stone.

If you're taking a low carbohydrate diet and working on muscles, drop that. Because, if your body doesn't have enough carbohydrates, it will use your protein (that are built from amino acids) as energy. Which means you'll be wasting efforts eating more protein-rich food than carbohydrates.

An adult with sedentary work must not take in too much carbohydrates if not it will turn into excess fats.

And for girls, it is advisable not to diet when you decide to take up a workout routine, just watch what you eat.

Natural balanced/protein diet will be the best. Example, eggs in the morning, tuna sandwich in the afternoon and large piece of chicken breast in the evening.

100 calories of protein not only enhances muscle deposition but also contributed to 33% fewer medical visits, 28% fewer medical visits due to bacterial and viral infection, 37% fewer medical visits due to muscles and joints problem and 38% fewer medical visits due to heat exhaustion.(Flackoll, Medical science and sports science, 2004)

And lastly, make it a habit by eating(more carbohydrates than protein) 2hours after you workout in the gym because of high metabolism rate.

I guess that's all for today. (:


12:34 PM




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