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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Training was uhm...confusing?

Went Kallang with Farh. Went to put our stuff, I went to changed and played with FreyFreyBuddy for a while and headed to pontoon when we saw Jackson.

When it was time for the switch over, all (not really all but yeah, it seems like it.) hell came loose and I don't wish to elaborate more because this is a team and in a team, we must stick together through thick and thin, no matter how bad a person's attitude is, no matter how stuck up a person is, we still need to stick together and pull through as a team. If you need to trash it out, do it after training (by then, everyone must know that the truth hurts.).

Encouragement within a team is also a must. It's like after a whole day of rowing you'll be very tired and yet, you still reprimand them and not encourage them. Yes, I know race is this coming weekend and everyone's stressed about it. But at the end of the day, a pat on the back and a good job, well done is enough to make a person feel appreciated and not feel lousy.

Okay back to the topic, training was uhm....alright only I guess. Sigh.

But FMC training was pretty good I can say but nearly capsized when we first rowed out. Thank god for KokAnn and FengRu who came to our rescue even though Alvin was with us in the boat. I can say I finally got the hang of the new stroke and WE MADE THE BOAT GLIDE! We as in me, Joy, Buay, BoonPeng and Farh (Farh was the coxswain and unknowingly, I put everyone's name in today's seating arrangement(X) .

I just hope that in this team, everyone can talk things out nicely and not blast out at each other. Giving each other encouragements will be a sweet thing too see and also to see everyone improve and grow together. (:


11:14 PM

Monday, September 29, 2008


Amazingly, I don't feel shag.

I've been kinda working out lately. Had land expedition (I was carrying a tent weighing almost 7 to 8kg the whole time until Mimi insists that Khai veg changed bags with me.) then APC2 assessment the next day, night run with Azlan and Kai wet and then APC2 assessment again. HAHA!

Just had sea training yesterday. It's like 'omg, I'm back home again!' kind of feeling. Then I SAW FREYFREYBUDDY! Omg la! he grew in length and I heard him bark+whine. It's soo cute can?

I'm like bu she de leave sdba la.

Nevermind, tomorrow I'll be seeing him again((:

OHOH! Azlan was kind enough to arrange for the interns to go off half day early tomorrow when I told him that I have training for the FMC race on sunday (but I don't know whether the reason is because of me or is it because it's eve of Raya. HAHA! (X)

And yeah, I'm back in db action and yes I am truly happy about it. Seriously, just seeing the team stick together makes me have this warm feeling inside me, but, things may pull me down, but like what Jackson said, ' Don't be afraid of the resistance, believe yourself and your own strength...' yep, tahaning is one of the worst thing you may fear/face in life but it is where you learn your valuable lessons.

I have been through alot since the day I'd start internship, ups and downs I have faced. I may bitch about them but I have learnt how to face them positively. Emotions, yes it's very hard to control but yeah, I have to move on quickly. If not, you'll be left behind.

It's been a while since we sat the train home together. I'm glad that things are fine with us now. Farh and Joy, thanks for waking me up time again.Really appreciate it. I hope that yeah, nothing will bring us down and let's bring up CWDB together! XD

I missed the times.

Ps: The reason why I came back was the team photo taken during June race where everyone look really satisfied with our hard earn medals on my desktop. I asked myself whether I'd really want to leave this team or not. But then, something in my heart told me not to because why?

The reason is simple, P-A-S-S-I-O-N.

If the passion is there, nothing can stop you.


10:11 PM

Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1= Noise+ pretty cars.

I went to Marina Square yesterday right after work with JT and Kenneth forgetting that it was a F1 day until the train pulled into Raffles Place station.

I was like "eh, JT, today F1 day leh." JT: "really ar?"

When we reach City Hall there was the 'eeewwwww' sound coming from the cars above while I thought it was some lamborgini driving by or something before JT asking me whether that's the F1 cars.

While we were going up the escalator to Marina Square we saw a red car zooming past and there's the distinctive deafening 'eeeeewwwwwwwwwwww' coming from the stands.

Shopping was great. There's very little people around, but, when we went down to the foodcourt, it was like the intercession/break time or something. There were horrendously lots of people around until we needed to 'fight' for seats.

I can't believe what I saw while JT, Kenneth and I were frantically finding seats hoping to satisfy our hunger. I saw an empty table with only one empty (or it seems like it.) orange F1 goodie bag on the table (I nearly took it and just sat down coz the orange was soo tempting.) and there's two grown man, who sat down with a drink each, and ATE ONLY ONE EGG TART EACH.

Think how inconciderate they can be. People are hungry and wants to have a proper meal yet they can sit down and have egg tarts. So omg can.

But it was good.

Went down to watch the F1 racers in action. I'll upload the videos when I have the time. (I have no photos of it coz all I could take was the race track+the stands. The cars were moving too fast. Duhh.)

I was very tired when I reached home. It was like reach home, bathe, unpack my bag, read newspaper, dose off while reading papers, wake up, push papers to one side, off lights, walk to bed, set alarm clock and finally sleep. In the end, I woke up late for work but managed to catch the 8am bus at the cemetry. Jt reminded me that I could take a 172 to the cemetry before I took 180 to Bukit Panjang bus interchange. Thanks girl! (:

But sadly, today's her last day working in Innotrek. She's changing to a swim coach to teach swimming. )):

I couldn't bear to re-read the sms she sent the interns for the fear of crying like what I did when Azlan announced that Fathul was leaving. Damn sad la! She damn close to me somemore. Most of the first batch interns and full timers can mix us up, calling her karen and me jinting. )):

The times we had. I'll miss you!! )))):


5:14 PM

Thursday, September 25, 2008




I was waaay calmer than yesterday.

Yesterday's test was like omgly scary la. I was up at the abseil tower for like 39mins plus and got kinda stuck. Today's one was like, Azlan told JT and I to think through what we're gonna do before setting up for prussickking and that worked! I remembered to organize all my karribiners, remembered my steps, AND NOT GETTING STUCK UP THERE!!


Oh btw, Azlan and Umar tricked us by saying there's two OBS instructor comming in to test us and in the end the instructors are them la. How irritating. HAHA!

Then I tricked Saliha by saying that the instructor told JT off till she cried. HAHA!

So, after my test, I went to find Jones and I was told to check and and fold bandannas((:

And I did that for the rest of the day. ((:


Serimbun will be having a new camp chef and the kitchen will be opened by next week ((:

Not really a spankin new kitchen but at least I'll have food foor lunch ((:

My current sweet addiction is Katjes Fruit Jellies in the flavor of Lemon Splash!

It was wonderful man.

It is as if I drank a glass of lemonade after I've ate one and the best thing is that it's everywhere, Watsons, 7-11, Guardian, NTUC literally everywhere is selling it.

You should get it for expeditions, because it has 1350kJ of energy in it. I tried it during my land expedition and it lasted me for the whole 9 hours of trekking and there's still some left.

Super nice la!

S far I've seen other flavours like Apple Bites, Berry Delicious, Berry Dessert and Endless Summer.

Kay, shall not blog about it anymore, you should go try it yourself. X)

For more info here's the link


9:50 PM

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Okay, staying at home on a sunday wasn't all that bad.

But I'm really excited to invite the new interns into Innotrek.

Obviously, I wouldn't want to tekan them and scare them away. HAHA! But hopefully their supervisors will still be Azlan and Mimi.

They are really really good!

Omg la. Love them to bits. Even if they made us do saikangbehind-the-scene jobs.

I just love being an intern as camp instructor whereby the sound of crunching gravel, messing up ant trails, playing with beautiful stray cats, taking care and finding homes for wild puppies, outdoor cooking for lunch/calling mac delivery and have the same delivery guy to deliver your food to you everytime, picking out lovegrass seeds from khai's pants, playing around with lovegrass (even when I find it disgusting though. XD), lepaking around when we have the free time and talk about our bloopers during camps, the saboing we kenah-ed during camps, the saikang jobs, the mental wake-up calls from Azlan, Mimi and Michael are all part of being an intern in Innotrek.

I think it is worth it being in Innotrek.

Just love it la.


Dad made black pepper crabs for dinner today! It's super yummy!

It is as yummy as mum's chilli crabs! Like super nice la! (nope, my mum and dad didn't pay me to say those! XD)

Might wanna make smaller versions of it. Maybe with prawns or something. Haha!


Anyway, gotta go do homework!


8:36 PM

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I went back previously and thought to myself, " Is this college east? But there's Joy and all. Couldn't be I'm with team college east."

But as time goes by, I felt really really distanced from the team.

I can't take this anymore.

One of the guys or MAYBE some of the guys treat me like a noobie I also don't know.

When you say that you miss me during trainings, do you really mean it?

Like hello? No one bothered to even ask how was I doing as basic courtesy. I now contemplating whether to go back or not.

You wanna bitch about me, why not do it in front of me?

I don't even know whether you are faking it in front of me or not. It's very obvious when you are though.


I had enough.

To Go Back; Or Not To Go Back?


Have been busy worrying/practicing my APC2 stuff.

Omg la, I pulled my right Gluteus Maximus (Butt) and right Quadriceps (Thigh) for dunno what reason but Michael suggests that I pulled both muscles mentioned above because of prussickking I also dunno.


But thank god for mummy!

Because she have these left over chinese medicated patches from dad and it really works! It amazingly made my Gluteus Maximus much better this morning.



Will be planning everything on monday though and guess what? wednesday will be my APC2 assesment. Basket.

Includes a theory one la!

Majorly saddening la!

I dunno what to study and the pratical assesment won't be done by either Azlan or Umar!! Like wth la! It'll be done by an OBS instructor.








Why am I soo happy about having camps?

I love doing camps!

I can interact with different kids with different charcters and even see their lives being transformed by me would be the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world. X)

Sigh, I'll be doing it till only Nov. Will be going for a break then I'll decide whether to carry on as a cmap instructor((:

Btw, beauty sleep calling!

"This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now
Gonna let the light, shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me

Do you know what it's like
To feel so in the dark
To dream about a life
Where you're the shining star
Even though it seems
Like it's too far away
I have to believe in myself
It's the only way"

-Camp Rock: This Is Me-


11:27 PM

Thursday, September 18, 2008

APC2 was fun fun fun!

I thought we'll be doing different ways to abseil down safely from a high place.

I'm. So. Wrong.

We did prussicking, up and down with two and three prussicks.

Prussicking up and down with three was waay better whereas the two prussicks just sucked big time especially coming down. I was stuck up the MPH for like 30mins and was sweating like a pig.

Then there was self-rescue.

It was fun la, but it isn't when you forgot some things.

I was trying my best to remember everything when I was prussicking up. HAHA! In the end I have to ask Dragonfly and Umar for help la, basket. I did quite well for setting up abseiling lanes though. X)

Had dinner at Jurong Point with Umar and Saliha. I have learnt something yet again. Haha!

Sigh, back to training or not?

This sunday we're supposed to go down for Master Series. Don't know wheather to go or not.


Kok Ann have been making me feel like not going back for trainings man. I just dunno laa.


10:39 PM

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Work was uhm. Not. Fun.


Who said work was fun in the first place? (wait I think I said being a camp instructor was fun but not as an intern.) HAHA!

Anyway, I was having fun slacking/working with the rest of the interns. Then Kok Ann smsed and made me very super pissed and made me feel like not going back for trainings.

Like wtf lah, I'm having attachment right. Coach and Farh plus the rest of the team understands that my kind of attachment isn't the same as being in EFAR, Gyms or some coffeeshops under blocks. Like hello, does your work requires you to stay over or does your job requires you to scrub mess tins after your work time?

Sigh. I wonder why there's still people don't know what job scope am I doing for attachment.

Anyway, I did some retail therapy after work and meeting Khai Wet for dinner. I got myself a pair of Brazillian Praias and a "Never Row Alone" party tank from NewUrbanMale.com. Damn comfy la.

Their service was superb I tell you. I left my shades in their fitting room and one of their staff (one of those who helped me choose the colour of my BPs. He's really cute I tell you. HAHA! (X) ran all the way from the third floor to the first to find me and return it to me. Sweet ain't they.


Okay, I gotta go sleep. APC2 tomorrow!



11:15 PM

Monday, September 15, 2008

Okay, so work was really slack today.

I had my trainer's level 2 theory test today and it went really good. I was confident that I could get full marks for that until Jason said that the last question was the PEEP model instead of the 4Ts one. I was hopping mad lahh!

But at least I know I passed.


Then after theory test was lunch then pitching up tents.

Tents I mean those old school kind and not the dome tents. HAHA!

The canvas was hot hot hot la.


Anyway, just ran with Azlan and Khai Wet.

It's been a really long time since I've last ran. It's really great to be back in action again since I can't go for regular db trainings. HAHA!

Okay, I've go to go bathe and sleep now. (:

P/s: All puppies are given away except Sunny. He died most probably of hunger on sunday. The bangalas checked on Sunny and FreeFree saw him dead and threw him away before he decompose *WAILS LOUDLY*. I MISS ALL THE PUPPIES SOOO MUCH! Ohoh and I won't be worrying about FreeFree as much as the others. Because FreeFree is with Fatty! ANDANDAND CWDB people can help me take good are of him right? HAHA! Thanks in advance! I shall go ask about the rest of the puppies((:


9:29 PM

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today's event was a day programme with Aspiration Childcare Centre.

It was alright I guess.

Love the kids and the teachers (whoah, my first time saying that man. XD).

I had lot of fun and laughter (of course it's inside and outside the trainers' circle! HAHA!). The teachers even joined in the fun and during Halim and my group's slot for Backwoodsman Cooking, they even give me an ice-cream (which I gobbled down before anyone sees me having it. Whoops! XD).

As for trainers wise, we had loads of bloopers.

But all in all it was a great experience. Felt as if I took on the role of mc i/c again. But this time round, much better. All the trainers did their part, I wasn't shy and most importantly, everything went smoothly. ((:

But sometimes, good things must end with sad things.

The Innotrek interns have lost two of their teammates. One of them was fired just today. The other one was fired last week. That one was really very saddening. I actually teared everytime my supervisor mention it and everyone tried to save his ass but all efforts were too late.


Now, we all have to move on fast. If not, we'll be left behind.

I'll be standing strong for the next three months and I'll be back in Innotrek in January.



11:25 AM

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Okay today's work was bor-ing.

Naz didn't really assign me to do anything and my mind was thinking/worrying about the puppies all day long.

They're adorable beyond words I tell you.

Wait, I'll upload their photos

Okay, this puppy above is Fly Fly. Currently belong to Dragonfly hence the name Fly Fly.
She is really active and adorable (as above), enjoys nibbling my fingers, loves to (and knows how to) enjoy herself and likes to snatch food/water from her siblings.

This puppy above is Frey Frey. It currently belongs to Jeffrey hence it's name Frey Frey.
Is shy at times and also active at times.

This is Girl Girl. It currently belongs to me. I didn't have the time to think of a fancy name for her. She is super shy and will find any corner to hide. If she don't, she'll take cover burying herself in her siblings' fur or in your elbow area when you carry her and tends to shiver alot. Btw, she's one of my favourite. X)

This puppy is called Nom Nom. It would be a very long story. It's actually my nickname since trainer's level 2 course. Oh well, let's continue. She is also quite shy when I first see her. Slowly, she became more daring but, you must feed her and she'll eat the first few times.

Last but not least, this is sunny. She have the characteristics of her sister, Fly Fly. As active as her sister and as hungry as her sister.

The puppies are neither neutered nor had their vaccinations.

And yes the puppies are free of charge.


Yes, those are the puppies I'm talking about yesterday.


Think about it, if they don't go to a warm and loving family within this week, they will be put to sleep!

Do you have a heart of rock? I believe you don't.

Please do email me if you're interested. Your help is much appreciated.

P/s: I'll post the rest of the post tomorrow.


11:28 PM

Monday, September 8, 2008

I've got a fever,
I'm hot,
I can't be stopped.

I've got a fever,
I'm hot,
I can't be stopped.

I've got the front ooh, back ahh
I can't be stopped

I've got the front ooh, back ahh
I can't be stopped


I have to break perfect record of not taking any mc just because of this freaking fever.


I really hate it lah.



-Side Track-

Anyone wants a puppy or two?

My workplace have five to six of it. They are all males.

If no one wants to bring them home, they will be put to sleep.

So please everyone, ask your parents and confirm with me by today because I'm gonna pick up the puppies tomorrow.

-End of side track-


There's this appreciation dinner in Johor Baru for the interns and full timers because we worked during our staff retreat, Geeky Green.

Not surprisingly mum didn't allow me to go (and when I showed my disappointment, she just nagged nagged and nagged. She still says that she knows her three daughters very well. Nope, she don't know me that well after all. I'll rather she talking to me nicely than she nagging lor. So unlike my dad.) so did the rest of the eight interns. I mean, their parents don't allow them to go Johor because it's very dangerous there.

But after hearing that all the interns can't go, weirdly, my disappointment disappeared right away (even though I still feel like going Malaysia for once. I feel like a noob when Adhy's reaction was 'Huh?! You mean you've never been to Malaysia before?!' when I told her on saturday.)

Anyway, Aviva Ironman was alright I guess. Having Alene, Adhy, Mar, Syahmi and Steph as my clique for the day do make my day. Had loads of fun laughter even though I had fever for two whole days, they made my day. Thanks you guys(:

Photos wil be up very soon (as soon as Adhy and Alene send it to me and post in in her blog respectively.).


I just realised, today, 080908, is FTJAN07's SECOND MONSARY IN ALL COMPANIES AS INTERNS!


My my mum just consulted my dad about the the Malaysia appreciation dinner and she changed her mind!

ANDAND, I went to see a doctor and his name is Dr Kenneth TK Chung. He's soo different from the other doctors. Different as in he sound so sincere and speaks with a caucasian accent. How cute is that. HAHA!

Okay, I've gotta head to bed now.


12:08 PM

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I did maintenance for 40+ tents today.

Yes, from 9am in the morning till 5pm.

Goodness, imagine the pungent musty smell and all the dust and sand coming out of the tents. All we have to do is to open up the tents and make sure all the equipments are there, make sure the tents are rid of sand/dust and mend those with holes with duct tape.

*Side track*

I've gotten my pay, but lost my wallet.


*End of side track*

Friday would be fun.

We're supposed to do up our outdoor cooking area from friday till monday (sunday not include).

ANDAND, I'm alright with us not having/having very little camps this whole month because we'll be having Challenge Valley try out on the 16th, APC2 on the 17th and 18th, company's cycling expedition on the 20th, trying our hands on campcraft on the 15th,16th and 22nd, and having land expedition on the 23rd.

Cool or what sia.


Omg lahh. I'm excited just by talking about it.




10:26 PM

Monday, September 1, 2008

It'll be my second month in Innotrek in seven days time.

Okay, I shall blog on what I've learnt in Innotrek for the sake of my internship presentation .

Things I've learnt (the non-physical aspects):

1. Not to be shy (especially when I'm in Inno).


For the recent East Coast Primary camp, Ismail put me to be emcee and I kinda let Naz do all the emceeing (sorry Naz.). My reason to Ismail is that I wanted to go up but Naz kept going up instead. But to them, my main reason of not going up was that I was shy.

2. How to work with stress and how not to assume things.

Event 1
The same camp as the one above, Naz kinda pushed the planning to me and was unknowingly the emcee i/c.

So, the stress came after dinner, before campfire and the seating plan wasn't up because the floor of the parade square was still wet from the rain and Ismail was rushing me to get the kids out to the parade square. I panicked there and there. But thanks to Dragonfly who calmed me down everything went fine.

Event 2
The last day of camp after area cleaning was telematch. Since Ismail told me that there's another school coming in, and it was raining, I assumed that the telematch was cancelled.

After area cleaning, I was told to bring my kids to the hall. There, Ismail asked me why hadn't I setup for telematch. I panicked yet again. But thankfully, Adhy, Jason, Dragonfly and Naz came to help me.

3. Be confident in what you do but not to give OCC (Over Confident Crap).

Example 1: Despatching.
You have to remember to tell them their reporting time (super important), what to do with the brown paper given to them, washing & rinsing point, where are they supposed to take their drinks, their attire for their next activity (also super important) and the list goes on. In order for you to do despatching, you must have the confidence to talk in front of a hundred students (or more).

Naz was the first one to pull it off well. But all in all, everyone did well. (:

Example 2: Emcee
As an emcee, you have to be silly/entertain hundred or more kids whenever possible. Although you have to be confident of what you say, bloopers are also part of the silliness the kids want to see (like Khai veg! His silliness gave him the last name of veg. XD).

4. In order for you to be confident like the previous point, you have to do your homework beforehand.

One or two days before a camp. The trainers doing the camp will go through a briefing. Which includes what kind of kids you're taking, how many students, which group you're taking, theme of camp, first day activities etc etc.

Camp theme
One example is SCGS's P5 camp.

The theme of the camp was Olympic (since it was the Olympics season) and Phillia (which means friendship in Greek) and we were told by the teachers that we were supposed to use the group name given throughout the camp (which were in Greek, mind you.).

Saliha told us to do our homework by researching the meaning of our group name (It was hell I tell you. Especially when I was so sleepy and tired after geeky green and nearly fell asleep in front of my computer.).

Campfire Cheers
After briefing, you'll approximately know what kind of kids you'll be handling. From there, you can plan what cheer do you want to use even before the start of the camp.

5. Giving briefing and debriefing
These two aspects are very important for the kids' learning journey throughout camp. It is the time where they'd realise they've learn things unknowingly just by going through the camp activities.

6. Getting kids list down objectives before camp starts.
This is also very important.

Because we want to let the kids write their goals or what do they want to learn from the camp and not to forget them after the camp.

(Now on to the physical aspects of what I've learnt in Inno.)

7. Belaying.
The very first physical aspect that all interns learnt in Innotrek.

It was to ensure the participants' safety and preventing them from falling to the ground while doing Challenge Rope Course, Abseiling and Rockwall Climbing.

8. Abseiling
Went through my Abseiling Proficiency Course on the 22nd of July. It was really great. Learnt how to tie figure of 8 on a bight, figure of 8 thread through, lock on, leg wrap etc etc.

Off topic: Heard from Naz that ms.C said we're supposed to conduct an abseiling session for the FTJAN08 students (Bro, be happy waiting for it. (X) as part of our presentation.

9. Rock Climbing
For rock climbing, as a trainer, I must do belaying if there's not enough belayers to go around. But for kids, it's to realise their flexibility, overcoming their fears, and also teamwork.

10. High elements (Challenge Rope Course)
High elements is for kids to learn that everyone have common fears and how to overcome it. It is also for them to learn how to trust others.

11. Low elements (General Stations)
Low wall and Nitro Crossing.

This activity will make the kids learn about teamwork and weaknesses in their group.

12. Team Building Games
Leap of Faith and Harry Potter

Like what the sub-title says. Let kids build up teamwork while playing the games.

13. Problem Solving Games
Warp Speed and Loop a Loop.

Let kids solve a problem given to them as a group within a time frame to create teamwork.

14. Nature Guided Walk
This is the only camp activity that is the most boring. You get to go through it with a nature guide and the only thing you do is to follow behind so that the kids won't be left behind.

15. Night Hike
It is the activity that makes the kids learn alot. It'll let the kids appreciate what is given to them and how to empathize people with disabilities.

I think that's all for now.

I've been raking my brain all afternoon just to remember all these.


2:29 PM




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