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Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm feeling so bummed.


To A Random Person

The competitions are coming, what are you doing?

Not coming for trainings and yet you want to act as if you are one of the best?

Please think twice or rather think a billion times.

You think by being a know-it-all is a really good thing?

Nope. Not really when you're in cwdb.

Cwdb is a family that strive for one goal together.

Yes we may have conflicts/cliques around.

But during training, we do our best to prepare for the competitions ahead of us as a team and not doing it at the very last minute.

Don't talk back to those who are training you even if they're younger.

You're weak.

You said you're the 'captain' of the school's swimming team and yet this is what you let us see in you?

Yes, I admit that I am weak and have alot to improve in most areas during training.

But at least I tried my best.

The girls are having great improvements.

They moved on to another level.

How about you?

*end of rant*

Like omg lah.

It'll be the 1st of april when the clock strikes 12 midnight today.

And we have only 19 days left for our april race.

Yes, I wanna win!

But there'll be a price to pay.

And I am willing.

(Quoted from Lexson)


Training was alright today but halfway through, it's bummed.

Did 2.4km run as warm-up, chin-ups and 150 standard push-ups, cardio(ergometer) for 5km and lastly, circuits.

2.4km was a bitch.

Had stitches since jumping jacks but tahan-ed abit and just run.

Bernie came late.

(Ps: this is when the training started to get bummed)

She walked almost 60% of the wholw 2.4km.

Joy and I were furious.

Told her to at least slow jog, but she gave some lame excuse and continued to walk.

Then for cardio, JC told her to do ONLY 2KM and when JC told her to pull harder she told JC not care about her.

Like wtf lah.

People wants to help her improve, yet she give this kind of attitude problem.


But anyhoo, S called while waiting for Lech to warm down in Dover's canteen.

And yes, I felt wonderful again.

Thanks S for changing my bummer mood to a better one.


11:02 PM

Saturday, March 29, 2008

After watching the video above, I feel like picking up my guitar and let the musical side of me emerge again.

Recalling the times when I used to take really good care of Baby, I really miss the times when I had guitar class with Edwin and the rest of those interested in the class during my w146/w453 days.


And now, Baby is standing somewhere in Fei's room.

Anyway, I cut my hair and cleaned my teeth.

Gonna head down to Jurong Medical Centre on tueesday for an appointment with an ortheopedic dentist for my braces consultation.


Yep, I'm gonna get my braces done.

Metal mouth here I come!


5:59 PM

Friday, March 28, 2008

Work was a bitch today.

Did ot till 12 today.

My legs were totally killing me lah.

Anyway, started work at 11am.

I did yoga today!

And I tell you, it was fun.

Too bad John Linguine (inside joke) didn't have the chance to.

Only JiaFu, another colleague and I had the chance to.

It's some new yoga classes and the instructor held a class especially for the staff.

It was wonderful.



I have a dental appointment on saturday!

I can't wait to put on braces and get my teeth straight man.

Yes, after 11 years of dent-in front tooth I finally get to have my teeth straight.


On another note.

It's gonna be the month of April very soon.

Being a sophomore in ft, I can say that I enjoyed the times in school as a ft student.

But it won't be an easy thing for us second years to be so slack.

Especially when it comes to attachment.


And I'll definitely miss all the lecturers and the juniors who really help me alot and especially farh gf.

If it wasn't for ft, I wouldn't know such a good gf like her.

I'll miss the gym, the swiss balls, climbing up the stairs for classes, slacking at the lounge area, eating lunch and doing homework/project at the counter area while the juniors tried their best to distract me, getting caught when were not in proper attire and there's still a long list to go.

Seriously, ft is the best times I had in ite.

Had good friends, really felt that this is a place where I belong.

I found this song similar to what I feel towards ft

Its called 'Where I belong' by Singapore's very own Tanya Chua.


Tanya Chua-Where I belong

Morning comes around and I
Can't wait to see my sunny island (in my case, funky classmates).
In it's glorious greenery,
Whether rain or shine it's still beautiful

Bright light shine on the streets at night
Guiding me, closer to home
To a place where I'll be safe and warm
Where I belong

Friends and families by my side
Seeing me through as I grow and learn
Everyday's experience, bitter sweet or sour
They're still wonderful

As they become precious memories
They'll be kept, close to my heart
And no matter where I am I will always know
Where I belong

Chorus x2

Where I belong, where I keep my heart and soul
Where dream come true for us,
Where we walk together hand in hand towards a future so bright.
Where I belong, where I keep my heart and soul
Where we're one big family
I want the whole to know, I want to shout it out loud,
That this is where I know I belong

I want the whole to know, I want to shout it out loud,
That this is where I know I belong

Oh and before I forget, I'll post up photos of chalet from Wifey's cam as soon as I can ya?


1:32 AM

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm back from CWDB chalet.

It was alright I guess.

If only I had stayed up.

I'll be having as much fun as Andy and company.

But, oh well.

At least I had fun with Lech and company.

Anyway, the summery of the whole chalet.

First day
Reached Pasir Ris at around 1+pm went to the foodcourt and had lunch with Alvin, John, KokAnn, Gabriel, Pk, Jasper, Farhana, KaiXin, Haini, Ignasia, and Sandra.

Went to the supermarket and get groceries and necessities that we need for three days and some liquor.

JiaCong, Ignasia, Sandra, KaiXin and I shared a large bottle of Choya.

Met up with Joy, WeiHao, Andy, Lech, Lex and some other people (I forgot who we met up at WhiteSands) after the trip to the supermarket.

Headed down to downtown east and waited for Jasper to do the paperwork and off we go!

After reaching block K and settling down into our rooms, the girls, JiaCong, FengRu and Paul stayed in the room and watched tv while the guys went to have a swim.

After awhile, Farh and I were bored with the tv and went to have a look at the swimming pool.

And surprise suprise, WeiSiang, ZhenWei, and AhYew lost to some game that Andy came up with and needs to to a forfeit and I'm their videographer for them.


I shall post the videos up once I figured out how to.

Then back to the chalet and we started bbq-ing but didn't really eat much.

Don't feel like eating anyway.

Back to our room to watch 'Wonder Bra'.

Then JC told me, KaiXin, Nasia and San to meet him downstairs for drinking session.

Choya was wonderful.

Expected it to not be nice drinking.

But it's yummy.

Sweet and has plum taste. (:

Then came the half bottle of Corona Extra that I took from the guys.

It tastes like the Paulena beer I had eon years ago when I was in Thailand with my family.

But the kick was better than Paulena.

Okay now I need to take note that other than Paulena beer, I only take Corona Extra.

So after that, I had another half bottle of Corona Extra, and some Peach Vodka.

Then halfway through drinking AhLim, Jaffar(aka JiaFu) and Kumar came.

Played Indian Poker and Maths with JunRui, JF Kumar till I think 11+pm and I feel woozy.

Wanted to sleep but, Just can't fall asleep so, took out my FPD project and do while star gazing.

But didn't feel like doing after awhile and star gazed awhile more.

Paul, ZW and WC came down we went to macs for supper and headed down to Pasir Ris Beach to look at the sunrise.

Oh and poor wifey had to go home coz her asthma attack came.

After watching the sunrise with WeiCheng, ZhenWei and Paul those three went to bed while I washed up and tried to do my project after I bathe while Bernie tagged along.

Still can't do.

So slacked our room till the guys wake up.

But in the end, the girls have to combine room coz ours is only for 2d1n stay.

I found space and slept till around 1+m 2pm.

Woke up by Lech and company, jio-ing us to go Tempinse Mall for Rule no.1 while Andy and company watched Spiderwick.

It was an awesome movie.

Scary yet sad story.

Had dinner at TM and headed back to DTE Slept with the guys squeezing into two beds joint together while yours truly slept on the mattress on the floor.

Slept till around 6+am got woken up by Shawn and those who didn't sleep.

They said it's time to check out and they went off first.

PK, Lech, Lex and I initially wanted to sleep somemore.

But we were wide awake by then so we decided to drag until 7+am and we went on our own ways.

Oh, and we had ice-cream for breakfast (with bees buzzing around mind you) while waiting for lex to bathe and I lau sai-ed right before my actual breakfast

So much for a good breakfast.



Photo time!

There are more to come from Bernie.

So let's just do with this first.


First Night, Clockwie: Pk, Me, Wifey and Lech.

Blk K for KAREN!

Yum Yum! Corona Extra Rock!

That isn't the sun.

Pixeled Rebellion.

Before we check out. L-R: Pk,Me WeiSiang and Lech.

9:38 PM

Monday, March 24, 2008


I'll be gone at maybe 11.15am or 11.30am.


To where you may ask.

And I'll tell you TO CWDB CHALET I GO!


People might find it silly to have cca chalet or class chalet.

But what I find about cca chalet/class chalet is that we can come together and have some quality/bonding time together to further improve our unity and bond as a team/class.


This is something I find very true in some email thingy:

LEO - The Lion

Great talker. Attractive and passionate. Laid back. Knows how to have fun. Is really good at almost anything. Great kisser. Unpredictable. Outgoing. Down to earth. Addictive. Attractive. Loud. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Not one to mess with. Rare to find. Good when found.

Anyway, gotta go double check my stuff(;

Cya in three days time!

Ps: Don't miss me X)


10:56 AM

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Look to your left and you'll find something new!



There'll be more of it coming after i got sick of this.


The power of photoshop.

And I can go edit the ft blogskin when I'm free during the rest of my school vacation.




But guess what?

I haven't packed yet.


The power of procrestination.

Anyway, gotta run!

Dinner's calling!


9:18 PM

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just read what john wrote in the cwdb's blog.


Like seriously, where on earth is our unity as a team?

I really wanna have the feeling as a family in this team.

But in reality, it can't be happening.

People don't want to focus on trainings but only want to have a quickie and see results almost immediately.

As for these coming trainings, I will and I will, play my part of this cwdb team and go with the vision of this team.

Even after my last semester in FT even having attachments and all.

Staying focused, train hard and less talking during training.

I want to see us having this(below) again.

Thanks for the inspiration John.


And yeah, I'll enjoy myself during the chalet on monday!



8:15 PM

Friday, March 21, 2008


'Summer' vacation is here!

Though it's only 3 weeks, I'll enjoy myself to the fullest.

Ah, yes, unfinished assignments, work and trainings are a must.

At least I have CWDB chalet to look forward to.


Okay, I gotta go off to get my pay.


2:44 PM

Thursday, March 20, 2008



Both times we went to orchid country club for our paintball sessions, it rained.

Not just a drizzle, it's literally pouring man.


As for today, it poured right after the first group of two teams got into the playing arena.



Anyway, I seriously need cash and pronto!

Bernie's birthday bbq at ecp will only be a fun time with the db guys this fri, Johnathan invited me to a senior-junior (with me being the only senior around) bonding time this coming sat and there's the db chalet next mon and I dunno what to do.

I owe Steph and jiali their birthday presents.


I've still haven't finish doing my FDP project and have yet to study my SEN phase tomorrow.


Anyway, training today was a sick one for me.

We had to group into groups of four and for the girls have five attendees so I had to separate and join PK and Tarence for weight training.

It was horrendous I tell you.

Had very little rest, ahlim came in in the middle of our sets, and guess what?

I hate to do CLEAN&JERK!

It only drains most of your energy away from you especially after you did bench press, and bicep curl.

As for cardio, did 5KM on the Ergometer/indoor rowing machine/whatever you call it.

And I tell you, that is enough to kill me.


But it's worth it after all.


Okay, I shall go back to my project. )):

12:11 AM

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm so fucking stressed up till I dunno why am I crying.

If only sentosa trip was this week instead of last week.

I can literally feel my hair turning white and my brain twisting up like a sponge.

School stuff have been a bitch.

Had 1 star kayaking course yesterday and today.

Passed it.

Love capsizing.

But have a problem doing the drill.

Tomorrow, phase test with msKoh in the morning, Paintball session in the afternoon and db training in the evening.

I still haven't have time to make Steph's, Jiali's and Fei's birthday present.

And Steph's birthday is tomorrow.


Project due the same day ad dad's and jiali's birthday.


So many things to do, so little time.

boy, where were you when I needed you the most?

Happy Birthday to you.

Welcome to leaglity.

8:58 PM

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy busy busy.

These few days I've been staying in school till around 6+pm when everyone goes back home straight once classes ends.


To add on, db trainings have been really high demanding from my coach MrLim W.L.

He said and I quote," I want the girls to look like the guys, and the guys to look like (the guys and I cut in and said, "girls!") macho man."

And he told us training will be ever harder after our holidays.

Through today's training, I think, I would need to put in alot more effort in order to catch up with the guys.


As for school, MsKoh and MrMuthiah have started to prepare us for our phase test in the next semester.

We haven't even hand in the project for this semester and we prepare for the next?


This sucks.

Anyway, class is canceled for tomorrow, but will be dropping by school to pick up a rugby ball from Branson, a first year student and also a rugger(what we call a rugby player for short) and head down to my workplace to grab my pay (:

I wonder how much I'd get.

Coz I wanna get this:

The Complete Seed. S$183

I saw this all orange limited edition and it costs $179 (I think).

It's soo pretty.

But it'll get dirty easily.


I wanna get!


I've wanted a crumpler bag for like soo long and I have yet to get it.

At least I've gotten my havaianas (:

Okay off I go to bed(:


10:55 PM

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thanks everyone for supporting me one week into the breakup.

I want to thank four special people.

First I wanna thank Joy Wifey for supporting me all along since the first time we met for the first cwdb training. Thanks for the never ending encouragements even when I really wanna give up, you've never stop encouraging. Thanks for teaching me the valuable lessons of leadership when I really suck at it. Thanks for the 'bitching sessions' and tahaning the times where I gave you all my crap. Thank You. I really really appreciate it.

Second would be, Stephen. First year ft guy. though we only got in contact last friday, it's amazing how people can click on the first day they met. hahas. Thanks for helping me find my smile and happiness back. Thanks for sharing with me things that you wouldn't usually tell anyone. I really thank you soo much. By all means, I will keep my smile everyday, every time. (:

Third would be Farhana gf, she's one funky girl. She maybe talkative at times, but she always gives great advices. Thanks babe for being there for no matter whether is it studies or db or personal stuff you'll give me encouragements. I really appreciate that very much.

Last one would be Lechiner Ong Shi Ming.
He's one really lame guy. But one good thing about will be his sizzling hot body. hahahas. (any girls out here who wants his number tag my blog)He's another one who contribute to finding my happiness back.


Okay that was hard.

I mean choosing which one goes first. hahahas

anyways, after having some alone time in school, I feel really really perfect.

Having a family, friends who really are there when you needed them most.

Anyway, I'm gonna continue this post tmr.


1:10 AM

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I shall just blog about sunday, monday and today.

Sunday was sea training with Kiyah Splashh!.

It was great.

But not when SP's boat crashed into ours.

Then came monday.

Monday's training was wwwaaayyy better than any other trainings.

Had circuit weight training with the guys.

Did Dead Lift, Military Press, Leg Press, Lat Pull down, back extensions with weights, squats with empty bar, bicep curl, bench press and inclined bench press.

All 1min maximum repetitions.

Was really great.

Loved the squats with empty bar.

Military press was a bitch to handle.

But it was good.

Then came the breakup.

I don't really want to talk about it here.

Then Xcountry today.

Felt really accomplished.

Came in 30th.

Ain't disappointed or anything.

Because I beat CaiPing.


In my whole 20 years of running long distance, I always had to stop due to latic acid build up in my gastronemius and soleus area or I just couldn't make it.

3.2km was like a normal 2.4km run.

All credits goes to CWDB on improving my cardiovascular endurance.

Thanks MrLim!


Is this how girls feel when they're being dumped?

Yes, it's official.

040308, and he's gone.

Looking at him in the gym, memories of him flooded my mind.

Walking home alone on the same path he walked me home for the past four months plus, tears automatically filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks.

I was strong when the breakup came.

24 hours later, I was thinking about the past.

Tears welled up in my eyes again.

The good times we had.

But when I'm alone, I can't hold it back.

I just have to let it out.

I apologize to those who really cared for me.

I have to put up a brave front in front of you guys.

Just don't wanna make you guys worry.

I'm really sorry.


10:30 PM

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Guess what?

I was really really high and all after circuit weight training and had total madness fun since it's ChunYew's birthday and all.

But during dinner, Boyfriend and I quarreled again.
(wow, I really broke my own record. I lost count on how many times we've quarreled within four months of our relationship.)

And my emotions have been wwwaaaayyy deep down in the dumps.

I wonder why doesn't he give me support when I needed it the most.

And I'm all right.

It's just a bruise.

Why you don't even care of what I feel?

You with all your vulgarities once you open your mouth.


I don't know what to do.

I'm helpless all over again.


I shall blog about what happened on Sunday and today when my mood changes.


12:43 AM

Saturday, March 1, 2008


It's confirmed that tomorrow will be the trial for competition during Kiyah-Splashh!'s training.

I didn't know lah.

Didn't recieve any email from them sia.

No wonder my heart felt so uneasy the whole of today.

Anyway, I went cycling with Fei and JiaLi.

I can say that cycling isn't in my list of sports that I wanna try.

But, since it's been eon years since I last cycled.

So many bangalas sia.


We went through the private estate somewhere near the Jurong West stadium, we found out that there's two or three makeshift thai supermart within the private estate.


Kay, time for dinner.


7:59 PM




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